People Process Technology

Prizm is a foremost provider of leading-edge technology and customer service to the medical management industry. Property and Casualty insurance providers rely on Prizm for the services they need to effectively manage personal injury protection (PIP) and medical liability, within an easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly work environment.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Our unique approach to customer service excellence is unparalleled with measurable results exceeding client expectations. We make sure all of our clients’ needs are met from the instant the claim is submitted to the moment the file is closed. Our highly-trained and experienced staff responds within minutes and reports back in record time.

Next Generation, Proprietary Technology customizable

Prizm offers a web based, zero install platform, as well as a fully integrated medical case management platform to manage the claims process and ensure billing accuracy. Our new software is a purpose-built product that will deliver quick, data-secured information at the correct time to the correct person throughout the life of the claim!

Paperless Environment

Prizm is at the forefront in the global effort to “Go Green.” We work in a true paperless environment. Our technology enables clients to eliminate waste and reduce the use of natural resources in their day-to-day activities.

Prizm offers integrated solutions for the entire claim life cycle. The Prizm process streamlines the entire life cycle of claims while increasing the efficiency of overloaded adjusters.